Cardigans with floral dresses, blazers with floral dresses.
image taken by littlewoodberries

I love the style of the Korean girls. This shopping district is located near a Women University (Ewhwa Woman University?), therefore its the best shopping area for all the young girls. The prices are generally cheaper (if I should say that?), so to cater to the female students. Definitely people like us will be able to find clothes there easily. It's a pity that I didn't have much time to shop for more things b/c the tour guide brought us there on the very last day of the trip. She should have brought us there earlier, b/c I'll have more cash in hand.

Bought the things that my sister wants me to buy - leggings and cosmetics, since I couldn't get anything out of the other shopping districts. In order to shut her mouth up, gotta get something for her.