The Accessory on the streets

image by littlewoodberries

Spring is definitely here, although some other countries are still facing snow storm. Singapore has only three seasons (spring, summer and autumn, definitely no winter) but with the same temperature for each season. Weather, as everyone knows, is changing.

While I was at Korea, my tour guide said that it is unusual for such a cold weather in the late March. Usually, the temperature will rise gradually. But that very day when we landed at Incheon International Airport, it was extremely cold. Just walk past the automatic doors, and you can really freeze there. It reminds me of my school trip to Miyazaki back in my Secondary school days. Arriving from a thirty-five degrees country, we didn't dress in the clothing suitable for a less than eight degrees country.

It's much more warmer in Jeju island than Seoul. But due to the rain, the temperature dropped more, so it's equally cold there too. But we never fail to see cherry blossoms on the streets of Jeju. It's was beautiful. Really beautiful. Almost all the Cherry Blossoms have bloomed and we were fascinated by them as the bus passes by.