the beginning of my four months journey

image by littlewoodberries

Internship has begun. Yes, internship has begun since last Tuesday. It's already the second week out of the ninteen weeks. So, what I've done was simply data-entry which can be tedious because I have to match the items correctly. Many of things I've learnt back in school was recapped back at work with the supervisor, bombarding us with everything he knows. Tonnes of reading were done too, like reading the Greenmark Scheme, CP 13: 1999, Terms of Contract and the progress report presented by the contractor. Other than all this, you can just look at the image uploaded above, I was facebook-ing, just like what B was doing too. But she did more. Hahahaha!

Yesterday, we met up with the school's lecturer over at the main office at nine. Shockingly, he was a good friend of our EVP who is a tyrant to us. (congrats to an arsehole who managed get into good books with him.) Lecturer said that EVP has a lot to talk to him, but b/c he had sth on, he has to cut short. So after the chat with EVP, he treated us to Macdonald's - Milo and hushbrown. At there, I met my supervisor eating breakfast. Eating snake... He msg-ed B and told us to eat slower and take our time. Yeah right, we left earlier than he did!!!!!!!!!!! Then later, he (I suppose he has nth important to do) came to teach us the advanced level of AHU and also discussion on our Major Project. Yes, advanced level which he learnt from his superior and probably, his subordinates do not know about it. He even said we can use that knowledge to secure a position like his. & yes, discussion, he gave us some ideas and was willing to help us along.

Lecture went on until lunch and b/c he has meeting until three, he gave us free time to roam around to meet our friends and discuss about Major Project. Actually, we didn't. Joined in wl's visit to BT with her supervisor and saw the solar panel on the roof top of BT. The view from the roof top was magnificent when you can see the airplanes taking off and landing. Okay, it's extremely hot up there because it after 3pm! So after the visit, we slacked at Macdonald's, gossiping(?). And then message was sent by my supervisor asking where we are! We wanted to say we're lost in CA but ended up saying that we're at BT, looking at sp with wl and her supervisor. He, probably, was happy that we went to look and expected us to explain to us about sp. & obviously, our supervisor was a lil disappointed when we only gave him the brief explanation of it and said that he will teach us more later. And YES! Another bunch of information, information overloaded.

This weeks reflections is going to be another essay again!